How many trophies will we win?

What do you think we'll win?

  • Premier League

    Votes: 705 99.9%
  • Champions League

    Votes: 192 27.2%

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17 Sep 2009
Love it, we City fans have always been dreamers. But now our dreams are actually true!


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12 May 2011
To win the Chumps we need to draw with Dortmund first. Then we can actually draw the two semi-final games providing we get more away goals than our opponents. Then draw the final and win could that strangely named competition on a penalty shoot-out.

We could probably draw all our league matches (7 games) and win the Premier League, and farcically we could draw all our FA Cup and League cup games and eventually win them on shoot outs.

So to set an all time record 7 PL draws, 4 CL draws, 2 FA Cup draws and 1 League Cup draw and a quadruple is in the bag.
Makes you think that. Pep is quite clear though, we play to win, he said that about the QF 2nd leg.


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21 Nov 2004
i'm not really here
from here it will be harder geting to the final than winning the final,on the day the final can go any way, a team with 30% possesion can win 1-0 while the oponents can hit the post and bar 6 times,that ones in the hands of the gods if we get that far, Dortmund,PSG or Bayern are going to be extreemly hard games,i think we can get past Dortmund but either of the other two will match us man for man if not better


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17 Jun 2019
North Manchester
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Manchester City FC
Of course. The way the CL is structured, we don’t even have to score another goal to win the competition!

I think we’d need to score at the very least 2 goals.
We’d need to win the semi final by at least a 1 goal, even if it’s an away score draw advantage or a penalty shoot out, and the final by at least 1 goal in game time or a penalty shoot out.
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