If we all manage to get in weds v Leipzig…


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1 Sep 2014
I love City but I'm getting really fed up with the new ticketing fiasco. Why can't we just have our plastic season card? If it's for costs/ environmental reasons then I've still got my old one- just update it like other clubs do. All this pissing about with phones is really getting on my nerves.


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2 May 2011
Guys there are clearly teething problems. It is to be expected. They have had to rush all this through. I imagine if they hadn't had any fans through the doors for over a year they could have sorted all this as they would have had lots of time to fathom out any problems but the poor mites at the ticket office have been rushed off their feet for the past 18 months. Hang on a minute....

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2 Sep 2008
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Danny Wilsons just sent out an email apology for the ticketing balls up and long waiting times on calls etc . Says theyre still working hard to address the issues and have employed some more staff to deal with it. More info on ticket transfer for all cup comps. Says all tickets now transferable with a link on info how to do it.
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20 May 2011

After 18 long months it has been fantastic to welcome you back to the Etihad Stadium for the 2021/22 season and to once again see our stands filled with fans in full voice cheering on the team.

We feel incredibly lucky to have your loyal support and we know that in the weeks building up to the start of the season, and over the course of the opening matches, the supporter experience connected to the management of online ticketing accounts and access to the Club’s call centre have both been points of frustration.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and want to assure you that we are working to address these issues through the employment of additional call centre support staff focussed on reducing call waiting and email response times in particular.

We are also continuing to develop the Club’s ticketing systems and platforms to ensure your online accounts are easier to manage and navigate, which will increase the speed at which many changes can be made.

As part of our service operations review and following discussions with the City Matters supporter consultation group, we can also confirm that Ticket Transfer will now operate for all Cup competitions this season.

Whilst we believe it is important to ensure that any supporters who do qualify for priority access to Cup Final tickets are those that have also attended previous Cup matches in the respective competition, we also understand that there are occasions where attending a match is not possible.

With immediate effect you can transfer your ticket for Wednesday’s match at home to RB Leipzig if you are registered on the UEFA Competition Cup Scheme. You can find out how to use the Ticket Transfer process by clicking here. If you are registered on the League Cup Scheme you will have the opportunity to transfer your ticket for the Wycombe Wanderers match and we will notify you when this is available.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Etihad Stadium for our next home match and thank you for your patience and understanding as we resume many of the Supporter Service functions that have not been in place for the past 18 months.

Yours sincerely,​
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Danny Wilson
Managing Director, Manchester City Operations

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