If we loose to hull...

SambaMan said:
If we lose to Hull, I'll still give Hughes untill the end of the season before I judge him.

Me too but if we're around 17th by the time Feb comes I'm afraid he's got to go.
Hull are a strong team,

Why is everybody so negative?, surely you have to keep your chin up.
Can't see us getting anything out of this game. We're falling apart and Hull are the surprise package and taking points of everyone. It could be typical City though but I go 0-2 I'm afraid. And I won't be there as I hate Boxing day football unless it's on TV.
Should get this song going...

Don't blame It On Shauney,
Don't Blame It On Robbie,
Don't Blame It on Berti,
Blame It On Hughesy

Do your bit for the boys.... Try being positive and getting behind the team - remember what being a supporter is all about.

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