If we loose to hull...

When I clicked on this the list of topics showed like so:

'If we loose to hull...'
'the manager should be sacked'

I think that tells a clear story.
blue jim said:
If we lose to hull I will top myself.

Joe Hart my fate is in your hands.

Resisted the urge for such extremes after sitting through the EFC match next to Toffee Renegade No1 Son and the We're Going to Get Done In Added Time 2 (in glorious Technicolour, Cinemascope and Todd-AO).

We are impeccable ........

. . . . . and completely unpredictable. Go for the daftest the bookies are offering and our dreams will come true! Come you sky blues, oranges, rossineri stripes. Come on Judinho!

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