International Matches | 15th - 22nd November 2023

Henry Winter is just another self important, self obsessed, paid Liverpool shill. If you think Holt is bad, this bloke takes the cake. Another one who actually thinks and believes what he says is important
He thinks the way in talks in an authoritative manner makes what he says more valid. No, you posh ****. You're still talking shite.
Watching Wales v Turkey tonight. When changing flights in Istanbul, the two chaps at duty free had no idea where Wales was. Perhaps they might know after tonight?!

Whilst it’s not officially over, I think we’re looking at play offs in March.
Just seen the decision that may have cost Ukraine a place at the Euros.

What on Earth are the referees and VAR playing at!
North Macedonia was a great trip, Skopje is a great place. Personally it's always wonderful seeing City players play for England and a bonus to see Rico's debut.
Add in a couple of quid for a pint and 10 Euro's to get in the ground, Result.

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