International Matches | November 9th - 16th

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by MCFC1993, 9 Nov 2017.

  1. balotelli's back pocket

    balotelli's back pocket

    12 Jan 2016
    Angus Gunn been called up to replace Butland... possible debut as a sub v brazil? Massive for the lad either way. Will come back in 1 or 2 years, dpending on how bravo does. If norwich come up i would be tempted to give him another year there.
  2. bluebanana83


    9 Aug 2006
    I was thinking this the other day. I would definitely let him have another year minimum at Norwich if they come up.

    Loftus Cheek and Abraham look like they can be part of the set up. Think Chalobah had been called up to the last squad as well before injury. Considering Chelsea and ourselves get slagged off at how we bring youth players through this is good evidence that we and Chelsea are going about it the right way.

    Jack Cork and Jake Livermore not international standard at all. Keane didn’t play but for me he falls into this category.

    Jesse Lingard as we know is absolute tripe.

    Pickford and Maguire surprising. Both looked very comfy.

    Gomez looked ok no more but still young.

    Rashford will not be the saviour but the next Danny Wellbeck in my opinion.

    Dier I would have at centre back over Jones who loooks like he is blowing out of his arse and last ditching everything.

    Think we have a good selection of full backs in a Walker, Rose, Trippier and Bertrand.

    Certainly seems to be more options than before. Think central midfield is still a bit of a conundrum and are still missing another top notch forward to either partner Kane or be his back up.
  3. cadds92


    20 Mar 2017
    With England, one game changes everything, and with that in mind I think after that Germany game it's going to be pretty hard for Southgate to justify playing Hart as his number one now.

    Maguire is definitely a surprise for me. He does look a little uncomfortable in certain situations, but he is a decent defender and most certainly can find a pass between the lines, especially into that final third.

    I didn't think Loftus-Cheek was as good as some are making out, but when we have been accustomed to Jordan Henderson for I don't know how many years now, it does make a nice change.

    I definetly think a back 3/5 will suit England at the World Cup. We are not good enough to take the top teams on toe-for-toe, so a more pragmatic but effective counter attacking system could suit the players we currently have at our disposal.

    At least in Kane, Alli and Sterling, we look like we could have enough quality to win us a game.

    It sounds obvious, but I do think when it comes to international cup football, as long as you are defensively sound and have a match winner up top you can go very far.

    Holland epitomised this in the World Cup in 2014, and Portugal the same in the 2016 Euro's.
  4. hutton who blue

    hutton who blue

    27 Apr 2012
    John Stones looked composed and adept our king pin at the back. Maguire looked really good making rampaging runs from the back making incisive passes from defence. Pep's influence is affecting our national team.
  5. tonea2003


    6 Jul 2007
    impressed with loftus cheek, in the right team he can be a right player
  6. vincent


    7 Jul 2008
    He’s a really good player. Was very impressed with him at our place this season, especially in the first half. England need to look past Henderson, who is just not good enough.
  7. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    It certainly Is!
  8. Bluebee2


    31 May 2009
    Cheek did ok but lacked a few things, he created nothing in his link up between attack and midfield, he will get better and possibly be decent.
  9. Carver


    11 Jun 2009
    Sat on the half way line.
    This game really showed our strengths and weaknesses going into the World Cup and beyond. We’ve got the basis of a very good defence. Excellent debut from Pickford and distribution quite accurate. The Stones/ Maguire partnership looked solid with Dier’s distribution and break up play helping out.
    Now, was this helped by the full backs playing deep and not as the ‘wing bicks’ that Glenn describes.
    Yes, we were playing Germany and I’m all for not conceding, however, with the current dearth of attacking midfield or box to box players to link defence and attack they have to attack as well as defend as a unit.

    Playing on the break is ineffective when the opposition has 2 or 3 players deep to mop everything up.

    Yes, Kane will come back to lead the strike force but remember, his goal tally is based on having a high number of shots and if he’s not getting the support he’s going to shoot in hope. The much lauded Delli tries to do too much by himself and Sterling is frustrating.

    I really do think it’s going to be 3 or 4 years before we get anyone of quality in midfield to knit the side together.
  10. KS55


    14 Oct 2016
    If Gunn does well on loan, a decent club who need new number 1 may come in for him. Given that Eddie will be our first choice for as long as he wants, we can hardly hold him back. Liverpool need someone.

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