Italy v England | Euro 2020 Final

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23 Nov 2010
I haven't heard that before !

But if international football is all about being defensive , international football can ' do one'. I am not in the slightest but interesting in watching two teams play boring defensive football. To be honest not really that bothered about England or international football anyway lol.

I wouldnt say the Spanish, Brazil, Argentina, even Germany are that defensive.

So talented attacking players arent wanted in international football according to southgate.

England for two tournaments in a row has had easy groups and the easier route to the final.

I watched the final and it was clear southgate is out of his depth. He didnt have a clue what to do once Mancini had changed the Italian's formation after 20 minutes, nor when Mancini made subs.

England just sat deeper and deeper allowing the Italians back into the game. England went long ball, Pickford kicking was worst than school boys standard.

Italians had both their old centre halfs on a yellow card for about 60 minutes, did Southgate set out to put them under pressure ? No.
Kept Kane on who played straight into their arms ! Why not play Grealish, Sterling, Sancho to run at those two centre halfs ? Put them under pressure.

No southgate thought that sitting back hitting balls would win the final lol. Southgate is clueless about playing attacking football, doesn't know how to play Grealish, Foden, Sancho, etc.
Prefers boring defensive players , why did Mount get so much playing time he did nothing !.

I can't argue with any of that, but If our bloody players could take a half decent penalty we would have won the tournament, by hook or by crook. Pickford did his job and saved two out of five.

the blue panther

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6 May 2010
Still dreaming
Hoddle best manager we've had lol. Had Shearer, Scholes, Beckham, all that talent and couldn't even get us past the quarters. Employed a faith healer to win us games, had god on our side....... Yeah he was better than the man who got us to the wc semi and euros final.

There's some crazy and confused thinking out there nowadays.
Opinions, my dear blue keyboard warrior; it's all about opinions, and I couldn't agree more with your final sentence.

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