It's Quiet 18 - Wanna ring the bell?

No chance!? he will be finished as a player before he reaches 30 with all the injuries he has at such a young age
Think he has had a similar issue to KDB and Kane.

There is the risk of him having to retire early, but the other two suggest it more unlikely than likely, should he get the appropriate treatment,
Totally different Reece will get injured again this season!
Yeah, maybe. His last two big injuries have been hamstring issues.

Over half his missed games in his career have been hamstring injuries.

We generally solve injury issues for players too. Well, apart from Stones. RIP.
Having last seasons wolves midfield doesn't really scream top quality. As a temporary stop gap to cover phillips january departure sure but our next midfield signing has to be of the highest quality possible.

Midfield has always been where our strength has shone through, it's what's won us titles over the years.

We lost gundo, kdb even when back fit will naturally start his decline soon enough, every year it's 50/50 whether Bernardo goes, midfield needs a gvardiol level signing next, to keep the level high. identify the absolute best in class out there that's attainable and break the bank for him.
Whenever I watched Wolves with all their Portuguese players, I was struck by their high technical ability. I'm sure a really intelligent manager could have got a good tune out of them
Who’s going to start the first quiet thread post Tolmie?
No one it seems. Maybe for the best. It could get redundant in here at times thralling through the ITK disagreements.

Or just start a thread and post @tolmie's hairdoo Twitter/X info?

Gonna be a lot quieter around these ere parts.

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