It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition


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4 Dec 2009
Effing hell. Are we turning in to United? All this speculation has me giddy - I'd love to see Messi here! But if we don't get, I'm going to be gutted! I don't want to hear "we never wanted him anyway"

Neville Kneville

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26 May 2008
Paying homage to Kevin Prince Boateng's agent
This was always the right approach.
I’d always assumed he would stay at Barca, as he always does, and anything else would have been a brilliant bonus.
Assuming he stays, the only bit that will piss me off is how it will somehow be reported that we have been ‘snubbed’ which, given the fact that we’ve neither actually bid for the player or obviously have had a bid accepted, simply cannot be true.

I can't actually find any logical reason to believe he will stay.

But if he did, I'd still shit with excitement at us signing a decent cb.

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