Jude Bellingham

Think there's some sore heads today reading some of the comments about Bellingham since last night. First leg he was anonymous and did display some of the play acting and whinging that's been highlighted. But last night he was much better for the first hour. Barely lost the ball even when under pressure, obvs a touch of class to begin the move for their goal. He's got some progress to make before he's able to grab games like this by the scruff of the neck but he's clearly got immense quality and is a nuisance to dispossess. And he's 20. To have any kind of impact at this level at that age is remarkable.

I think he will go on to be exceptional especially with Madrid building such a strong young squad for the future. Find the spite towards him a bit odd tbh.
Well done, you almost had me.
As my lad said, he had the choice to come to us and pass the ball to his left back then inside to a a midfielder and then back to a full back (don't worry he was having a laugh) or go to Madrid and roll around trying to get players booked/sent off.
He chose the latter!

He then said 'Me, dad? I 'd have chosen to play football!'

Another thing I've noticed today; he's trying too hard to be a Madridsta!!!
Bouncing in the crowd etc...
He'll love being Mbappe's bezzy next year until he realises it's not going to be about him anymore.
Two big egos clashing before the likelihood is Mbappe demands a new best friend and he'll be off to pastures new.
Mbappe will definitely be No 1 in Madrid next year. Bellingham will have to wait his turn as goalscorers win games. He will be their next Ronaldo.
I was looking forward to seeing him against us. Slightly shitting it tbf. Was expecting a budding Zidane but instead saw a budding Zero.
Fucking fraud of a player. Just like his over hyped brother. Garbage.
Fair play to the dad as their agent, though. Alan Sugar should snap that fucker up.
At the end of the day he’s a good player.

The hype and PR is on another level though, feel people are being lured into a false sense and if he does that at the euros he will get abused by those saying he should get the Ballon Dor.

Need to watch it back but was he pretending he was knocked out? Embarrassing.
He's fucking shite compared to his expected levels. Wouldn't be surprised to find out he's a cousin of George Weah.
I fear the lad is not living up to the ridiculous hype he gets.

When you're constantly being told you're the world's best, it goes to your head.

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