Jules Koundé

Dr Jacoby

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18 Mar 2013
I can’t profess to know a great deal about either player but wouldn’t Upamecano be a better option? Or does he have some glaring weakness I’m missing?

He was very impressive in the CL.


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5 Sep 2013
En Why? See.
Cant see us getting 10m for Otamendi with 2 years left 120.000 week seems to much for Sevilla to pay, City would have to pay up as well if he is being pushed?

So we pay them £70m then they buy Nico for £10m then we hand that over to Nico for selling him doesnt add up

I think no matter where Otamendi goes we will have to pay part of his wages.


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16 Jan 2009
L'Equipe is reliable when it comes to French players but I don't think they will accept €60m in cash due to the 20% clause they have. €70m cash + Otamendi maybe they would accept. That would be expensive but also fairly close to the clause which is €90m.

Legit CB players don't grow on trees, especially young ones so we have to pay premium.

Kompany replacement was never going to come cheap regardless. Just got to bite the bullet IMO. The board is probably slightly uncomfortable paying that much for young player but it sounds like they will go the extra mile this time.

I mean what choice we have? Koulibaly would cost about the same but only for short term, another option is to sign pure gamble like Ruben Dias, who is nowhere near Koundé level.
Not sure how accurate it is, but reports earlier said that the 20% was capped at €9m. That might make it better.


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5 May 2011
City should not sign a player who won’t necessarily be better than what we already have. If we are not sure or cannot sign KK, then we should stick with what we have and concentrate on a quality forward perhaps. Maybe Pep will play 2 Dm,s all season to protect our defence. Stones, Garcia, Laporte and Ake should perform well enough with a quality defensive shield in front of them.

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