Kalidou Koulibaly


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31 May 2017
Don't think he’s fix the centre back vacancy , I know Pep likes moving players around but maybe not Sancho as cb
It's not about filling CB position with Sancho but comparing 29 yo CB's price to price of hottest forward on the market that can be with us for next 10+ years.


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29 Jan 2010
Its Guinness time any day of the week.
We would be mugs to pay that amount when for similar money we can have Sancho.
Why bring another player,in a different position,into the mix.We are discussing a centre half which the world and his wife understands we are desperate for.Discuss Sancho in his thread.
Sancho is the least of our worries for now.


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18 Jun 2012
We'd be mad not to sign him if they're relegated. I agree he'd cost 30 million max. He's only just turned 25 this year but has got bags of experience.

We would instantly go into next season with easily the strongest CB line up in the league and arguably in Europe if we signed him and KK.

Laporte - Koulibaly
Ake - Garcia​

The issue with this is that the club would have to get rid of Stones and Otamendi, which I think will be harder than we think and Fernandinho would have to have a severely limited role in the team if we intend to give Garcia decent game time in the squad as a 2nd choice RCB.

I do question the Ake rumours as I don't know if he would personally want to come and play as a backup, as he isn't getting on the pitch ahead of Laporte and I can't see Pep playing him on the right. There would be numerous clubs after him at a circa £30m price point and many of which would be able to offer him a starting role.

I think that's why only signing Koulibaly makes sense - can play both on the right and the left, which means ample game time for Garcia and Fernandinho. I know we need to plan for life after the latter, but I can't see him not playing a decent role next season after signing an extension.
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18 Jan 2019
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Paris Saint Germain
Napoli is supposed to bid around 90-100 M for two Lille players. Osimhen has already been spotted in Italy.

This should suggest Napoli is certain they are getting some big funds.

Bit off topic but the Lille forward price would be around 70 or 80 M€. Thus, i agree with domalino post on Sancho thread about the price for top/wanted players not being affected that much by Coronavirus crisis. I doubt Dortmund will let go Sancho for the low fee suggested there when Osimhen is worth 70.


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22 Jan 2011
Sunny Sicily, Italy
£72m + £10m in add ons if Napoli want £82m?

Last summer Napoli owner laughed at Maguire's transfer fee. So in fairness why wouldnt he ask for premium.
Yeah they want £82 mil so I think they'd take a deal with attainable addons like that. Who knows, though? Maybe di Laurentiis wants £82m straight cash.

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