Kalvin Phillips interview in the Sunday papers


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29 Dec 2007
Pretty poor this from KP. 2 games into his loan spell at West Ham where he’s been pretty underwhelming and he’s already crying to the papers

Take it with a pinch of salt. Kalvin had the chance to leave in the summer and decided to stay and fight for his place. His decision. Simply hasn’t worked out for him at City.

Remember the papers will always twist what’s actually been said and the way it’s been said to sell more. Just the way it is.

I genuinely wish him well at West Ham. Hasn’t started well but plenty of games to go.
Big mistake Kalvin. It didn’t work out for you but you still stayed & took the medals.
In your industry it’s best to keep negativity out of the media but sadly you’re not bright enough to realise that.
You didn’t need the money from the press but inevitably the press wanted to interview you following your move to West Ham. You should have kept the narrative to how you are looking forward to a new chapter & NOT be led up the garden path by reporters who don’t care about you & just want a headline.
Unfortunately, like your football, you aren't able to do the right thing
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