Kalvin Phillips interview in the Sunday papers

If the scales say you’re 3lb overweight and the manager exposes that then it’s not a “jibe”. A jibe would be saying something like he’s been spending too much time at Greggs. He’s a highly paid professional in the public eye, there’s no room for being thin-skinned in this sport anymore which seems to be the case. (If not then he’s been conned by the media).

He seems a nice guy and I wish him success at West Ham but personally, he’s been filed alongside Scott Sinclair and Wilfried Bony for me.
overweight or not he wasn't good enough
Different scales aren't that accurate and it depend on the time of day, if eaten etc. Have a hot bath you take weight off and all other dehydration methods used by boxers and jockeys who all struggle with it.

it is all bit odd jumping on the weight thing when he would shift it in 2 days with a Jamie Pollock fat burner morning jog. I know that was only used as an example but if he one ounce under or over some want his head and it is impossible to be that accurate.

I think the weight thing was never that big of an issue. Taking the extra holiday when he had hardly played all season was seen as a piss take and set off alarm bells about his mentality.
overweight or not he wasn't good enough
Both, what's the excuse for his weight at West Ham?

The guy allegedly is desperate to play in the Euro's yet he simply has not got the discipline or desire to look after himself.

We are going to have an almost impossible job to shift him this summer and even if we do, take a huge financial hit, but at least he's a lovely bloke FFS

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