Kalvin Phillips | On loan at West Ham

Sad for the lad, he just didn’t get the City way of playing. We don’t make many mistakes in recruitment but this one hasn’t worked out. Knowing City they won’t panic but certainly need to scout cover for Rodri in the summer
Good luck to him, hope he does well, just not against us.

Good move for him I think, and I'm sure he will get a good move in the summer.

And any knob that thinks he doesn't deserve his medals is an idiot. He would've played every minute if he was able to, I'm sure. He did his best every time he was on the pitch and seemed a good pro. That'll do for me, regardless of if he was good enough to be a regular or not. Not a single player or member of staff that worked with him every day would begrudge him of his medals, I'm sure of that
Odd signing to start with. Never looked available for the pass when we were in possession. He always appeared to cover himself with an opposition player. Came back from the World Cup overweight which defo pissed pep off. A lot on here forgetting that.
So much for being a good pro , coming back fat is not a go pro in my book . I have defended his injuries as shoulder operation and the recovery is difficult as i know first hand but whenever he did play he looked totally lost most of the time , wish him well but he was a bad signing
Hope he's a roaring success, not just because it ensure we at least get our money back on him ( I actually think if he has a good spell at west ham. He's easily a £60 million player in this market, with a lack of 6's and a need for them but we won't be getting any more than our money back at most) but also because he's always come across as a very decent lad, never been an issue with him when majority of players that have been frozen out like he has would be kicking up a stink even if it's not intentional. Deserves to find a club he can be a valuable asset.

This should allow us to get a replacement in but that seems extremely unlikely and that's a major concern. Rodri will be suspended again for important games, he might get injured or burnt out too and if that happens with pur current squad, it's season over, seems mentalbfor our entire season to hang on one player. We need a capable alternative.

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