Kaoru Mitoma

Evening Bluemooners. Just some advuce on Mitoma. He is not a forward and allways been a winger. Some on here said could be world class (lmao). Its impossible to say what qualifies a workd ckass player, to me its will you still remember them in years to come. KDB yes Mitoma no. His close controll is the best ive ever seen. The way he can controll the ball from as pass is 2nd to none. Is he better than Jack G imo yes. The one thingvtgat lets him down is the final ball, sometimes he crosses into the box with no one there, and a shot when maybe better to have played a pass.

Hiw much us he worth, to us £70m. Hes not worth that but in our system he is. Always remember we take a chance on these players and help develop them, we can thats why we charge what we want. You could have got him or any player from us cheaper before we signed tgem.
I like him a lot but he’s not better than Jack. Certainly not in a Pep team.
I’d be happy to see what he could do in a Pep team though.

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