KDB signs new contract until 2025


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21 Aug 2014
I would think agents do much more then negotiate a contract every 3-4 years, some even offers the full package help with housing, cars, investments, media related stuff, image rights, driving up further commercial opportunities and doing the negotiating on those etc.

certainly some of these charge the players a lot and the clubs too but I dont think most players are capable of doing all this on their own.
I am sure the PFA do it for free on a players behalf.


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10 Aug 2010
I can never understand why they want to pay some leech 10-20% of their money in the first place, it isn't that hard to negotiate yourself a deal that suits all parties.

Well done KDB
Not a big fan of agents too, but I think agents do help in garnering interests from clubs outside of your current club. Also makes things easier if you are trying to negotiate a new deal with a club overseas. Like Jorge Mendes with Wolves, easier for a young Portuguese starlet to move from say Boavista to Wolves.

In this particular case, it works particularly well for Kev. He is at his club and wants to stay.

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