Kids/adults running onto the pitch after the final whistle


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26 Dec 2007
saw him get on and whoever he was with thought it was a good laugh looking round proud as punch until they grabbed him and started marching him along the pitch, his laughing soon stopped, and the kid screaming crying as he tried to stop being dragged towards the north stand. Hopefully when his parent/ guardian found him they got a lifetime ban.


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10 Jan 2009
It’s all fun and games until it looks like a kid wanting to hug his hero or get a shirt, yet it’s a **** with a knife in his pocket who stabs a player or worse!

Stewards are there to protect the players on the pitch. 22 vs 50,000 is bad enough odds for a jobsworth steward, but the whole thing is built on trust and I, for one, don’t want to go back to fences, or the bottom 10 rows being removed for barriers to stop anyone being able to climb onto the pitch!

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