Knee pain


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6 Oct 2018
Tiny. My two pennyworth. As a person who suffered years of various pains around the knees and steadfastly ignored loads of medical advice playing sport for far too long the best advice given already on here is to get it properly diagnosed via scans. A good physio will be able to give you a decent idea but the scanning is essential for a proper diagnosis.

After seven ops trimming bits off, washing bits out etc I’ve now got false knees in both legs. They are brilliant but I wish I’d paid more attention early doors when my body was telling me to slow down / stop / exercise differently.

Good luck with the diagnosis and treatment.


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14 Oct 2016
Mustard poultice. If it doesn't work, you can incorporate it in a sandwich later.

Blue Mist

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14 Aug 2005
If you've got nothing to do, don't do it here.
If you roll under a pregnant cow 3 times, no more no less, followed by jumping on the spot 10 times right away, as high as you can , trust me, you will immediately be cured of this ailment that you speak of
It's a pity the Kippax was flattened, he could have been told to hop up and down there for hours. Paul Lake recommends it.

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