Last Film You Saw

A Foreign Field (1993)
Veterans return to Normandy 50 years on from D-Day. Alec Guinness is remarkable, the rest merely superb (McKern, Randolph, Bacall, Moreau).
It's a BBC Screen One production, on iplayer for three more weeks (you'll need to search for Screen One).

NB: Do not read the wikipedia summary before watching it.
The Ministry For UngentleManly Warfare. (2024)

I Managed to track this film down on the Sky Store, but turned off after half an hour. I love a good war film, but maybe my asperations were set too high, I didnt realise the film was designed as a tongue in cheek affair.

I'd say it was a cross between the Dirty Dozen, Robin Hood, The A team, Kill Bill, and those muderously wonderful Inglorias Bastards. I made it to the first raid were they were instructed to free one of the chosen few from a heavily defended German compound, but was left mouth aghast, at the comic antics that unfolded. Mein gotte das ist nicht gut!

Aparantly it was based on an SBS type true story, and what should have been a serious, tension-filled drama should not have been so Gun- ho silly. My bad, as I probably misread the mechanics of the film, and will have to pop back for a second sitting owing to the high reviews it got.

A blast from the sten gun, a quick lob of a pineapple, and then all back home in time for tea.

1st sitting. 6/10

Good fun, not to be taken seriously……
Tried to watch the Pool Guy (played by Chris Pine + a strong cast) but just couldn't stay with it - only lasted 15 minutes. Just couldn't identify with the characters or storyline. The main character was like a poor man's "the Dude' in the Big Lebowski - but lacking the humour and charm.
Watched Humane instead - a Canadian film where Countries across the world agree to reduce their populations by voluntary State-run euthanasia programmes in the face of disastrous environmental and climate change. It follows a family where the parents sign-up and organise a farewell "last supper" to tell their grown up kids. Then "the contractors" arrive to collect on the promise. Lots of twists and turns follow. I enjoyed it - 8/10
Echo Park

An unusual film set in the east side of LA, nothing much happens really but I couldn't stop watching it.

badlands Martin sheen and sissy spaces are 2lovers who go on the run after sheen kills her father they then set off on a bit of a killing spree loosely based on a true story.terence malik directed it I'm a big fan of the thin red line which he did .The music from the film is the same that's used on one of my favourite films true romance and it does have similarities to it . Well worth a watch
Cannonball Run, multiple stars of the day 1980! Great purile humour, the outtakes at the end are brilliant and show the love between Dom and Burt. They looked like they had a great time making it. 6.5/10
It Is In Us All a 2022 Irish thriller film written and directed by Antonia Campbell-Hughes. The film stars Cosmo Jarvis, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Rhys Mannion, Keith McErlean, Claes Bang and Mark O'Halloran.

If you like a slow burner with psychological content and beautiful scenery, then this is for you. I liked it.


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