Last Film You Saw

Pierrepoint The Last Hangman - Tim Spall is one of our great actors right now in my opinion. Fascinating movie too; looking forward to reading his autobiography.
I see old Tommy was in it, I think Rodney Litchfield specialised in old grumpy characters :-)
Watched living on a flight yesterday, really simple good film, you know that sometimes the lead role is perfectly cast, we'll bill nighy is in this film, think it's in film 4.
Also watched dune part 1 and 2, the second film much better but both a good watch.
I saw the TV glow.

I really try to find the positives in a film, but this was just pointless. One of the worst films I've seen in a long time.
Outlaws & Angels

Western, starring Clint Eastwoods daughter (who is very fit).

Slow with quirky music, tries too hard to be "arthouse" imo.

Extremely violent. 5/10
Abigail. A lot of fun, best going into not knowing what to expect, but be warned it gets silly after a slow enough build up

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