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Stoned Rose

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29 Oct 2010
Rusholme with Love

Twitter ITK with a great track record. Above this post she was claiming City will be signing a striker through Mendes in 2021.

She is Algerian (also a city fan and apparently related to Ali Bernarbia) so understandably her English isn’t perfect.

EDIT - I didn’t notice that the original date of the post was a year ago but it came up on twitter today as she retweeted it.

Grimes outed herself earlier today as the biggest KFA charlatan on the planet.
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Bobby the blue

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6 Dec 2020
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Manchester city
Honestly some of these wrong uns on Twitter etc know fuck all. Trust me when I say that a lot of the stuff that goes on in football clubs with regards to transfers etc is very well guarded and people involved done tend to go round spouting off to any Tom or dick. Hopefully City can pull something out the bag but if I was a betting man which I’m not I would be investing my money elsewhere.


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8 Apr 2018
lautaro and jesus would be a terror for opposing defenses, not because of their goal threat but cause no team would be able to play out of the back with those two maniacs pressing. Lautaro is just as a pest if not more than Jesus at high pressing

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