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4 Jun 2015
No one mentioned Robinson in this thread at all until he was on TV this morning, so I've no reason to think we're going back for him.

In June 2021 when we were first linked, he was 23 and just had an OK first season in the PL, he could have been someone who developed late and for £10m when we already had 2 leftbacks it would be a minimal risk punt. In the end they seemed to have not gone for it.

In August 2022 he's 25, didn't back up being in the Premier League with an outstanding season in the Championship, Fulham don't need money and won't want to sell so he'll cost probably 25-30m and our needs have completely changed because we've only got 1 LB option.

Sergio Gomez last year was a very promising Spanish 20 year old youth international who'd not quite hit the ground running after a move to Dortmund, he was a team mate of Torres' and played well in big youth international finals vs. Foden, you can see why we'd be interested. Then he had a breakthrough season at LB under Kompany, has a €15m buyout clause and is still only 21 so there's a reason to go back.

The only LB signing that makes sense is a world class, 1st choice at the position player. We have part time LBs in Aké and Laporte, we have promising kids.

I don't see any 1st choice LBs on the market so I don't see us signing anyone.

Yeah this doesn't make sense at all. Cucurella wasn't and isn't world class at the moment, yet City wanted him. Not to denigrate him as he's a fine player, who might end up world class. City are still pursuing a LB this window and they've kicked the tyres on Sosa & a few others who nobody would claim as world class.

What makes greater sense at this stage of the window, is a solid, left-footed, depth signing, who provides competition to Cancelo, offers width & attacking prowess and has potential to grow into claiming the starting position.
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26 Apr 2021
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Manchester City
If we wanted him tolm I think we'd have gone for him before now. We can't be going for players after 1 good performance. I'm pretty certain we won't be going for him.
Just asking, where did you get one good performance from? To be fair he chased Salah into playing down the middle just to get away from him. Chances are he won't wind up here, but don't confuse yourself into thinking this kid can't hold his own.


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16 Jan 2009
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I would give Jordi Alba a 2 year deal if he would come - probably gets a few more pennies of Barcas wage bill too.. oh no we can’t ring them can we they’ll ask ask about Bernardo. Never mind


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14 Jan 2018
There wasn’t a single person on this forum that considered Cucurella “top shelf” before our interest was reported, and given their financial valuation, clearly the club didn’t either.
Tbh id never really heard of him untill we were looking. £62 million is crazy seen as they already have chillwell .

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17 Sep 2008
I don’t really need another person telling me if a player is top shelf or not, I’m perfectly capable of seeing it with my own eyes. Cucurella is a great fullback and I still think we made a mistake not getting him. I know City are working hard not paying premium for players even if we can. But this could have solved pretty much our entire defensive line for many years, with no need to buy anyone for years unless someone leaves.

I can see us buying another Angelino, only to realize we’re wasting time, again, thinking ”damn he’s not very good defending”. Sometimes you just need to get the top shelf.
The only 2 times I saw him play (us and spurs) he was shite !!


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8 Dec 2019
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I want Gael Clichy from 2011 / 2012 season..

I just checked Fabian Delph's age and he is 32..

Does anyone remember why we sold him ? Was a great squad player in 17 / 18, even
better than Zinchenko, well.. at least not worse..

He would be a great addition I guess :D

PS Great vibes with Jack from Aston Villa... Why not, for 4-5m Everton would let him go..

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