Leicester City (H) Post Match Thread


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19 Aug 2006
Not good obviously. Not sure if the players just aren't fit enough but gone was the intensity we showed first half against Wolves and most of our players just strolled around.

Defence was poor (Ake excepted). Mistakes for penalties from 3 of them, none of which needed to be conceded. Not much contact but they're always going to be given against us. Walker is usually pretty reliable and hopefully Dias will give us a bit more solidity but we really need a left back unless the idea is to play Ake there and Laporte with Dias in the centre. Having said that, a high line with no pressing is rarely going to work against teams with some pace up top, so the defence were frequently left a little exposed.

Equally concerning was the fact that we created so little. Both our goals came from corners (which is unusual) but we created very little in open play, despite the lion's share of possession. Foden, Sterling, KDB, Rodri, Fernandinho all well below their usual standards and Mahrez did nothing apart from the goal.

Such a change from the first half vs Wolves. Not sure why we played with such a lack of intensity and why we decided to not bother pressing. It needs sorting out though and perhaps another player or two needs adding.


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12 Jun 2019
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People must realise we've not had enough time to organise for this season because of th CL running late and players not being ready with no pre season. Liverpool have had a pre season from July onwards. This is one of them results that happens now and again. I reckon it could be at least a month before we get some consistency. I'm not panicking yet.


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11 Aug 2015
Ake in his second game was our best defender.

The back 4 was embarrassing. We conceded 5 goals against fucking Leicester. They scored with their first chance AGAIN.

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29 Nov 2013
The root cause of this was starting Mahrez. We have to change our game plan / tactics to accommodate a player with a very individual style. It worked when he played for Leicester as they played the game on the break looking for him and vardy to finish We don’t play that way, we play as a team and hunt as a pack. If Mahrez has a role for us it’s impact player coming off the bench when we need something different, not the false 9 role. I wish it didn’t but my heart sinks and confidence drains whenever I see his name in the starting line up.


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11 Dec 2017
Mendy is a **** of a player,the dumbfuck was smiling after conceding the penalty.Please get the fuck out of the club you clown faced donkey.Injuries are a hindrance yes but what about the shit performances Sterling has delivered in every important matches?What about the donkey Garcia ?Even a rock will perform same as Garcia if you hit the rock you can atleast get a decent pass back although its a non-living thing.

No need for the insults boss

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