Leicester City (H) Post Match Thread


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7 Nov 2010
Micah talking about how weak we are in MF....as others have said, not an insightful pundit so surely city can see this glaring weakness.
I cant for the life of me work out why we aren't trying to get Aouar or someone.

Fernandinho off and we fell apart. Rodri can't do the job himself. KDB needs to be our outlet moving forward, not stuck in his own half.

Bernardo and Foden aren't fucking central mids. What do we have to fall back on, Gundogan? Fantastic... and if he goes down injured we are fucked again.


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20 Mar 2012
The second pen should have been overturned, Vardy kicked Garcia initiating contact. Why wasn't it reviewed.


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15 Jun 2009
You know that Leicester are not the only team that can exploit our weaknesses in that way, right? This result should not come as a surprise.
Sure do. I also know that no one has really strengthened this season except Chelsea. And you saw how their defense was yesterday. Good chance Liverpool will win it again if they can keep the same intensity as last season but again I doubt they can, if they do win it won’t be like last season where they blow everyone out of the water. Leeds already proved that, to say we will be scrapping to finish top 4 is a joke

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