Leicester City (H) Post Match Thread


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28 Jun 2007
I've sort of already accepted this season is going to be a total write off. We seem to be sleepwalking into the final year of Pep's contract again and is it any wonder that half the players look lost? They have no idea what's going on.

Pep looks either depressed or disinterested (admittedly tough few months personally, like most, has to be a consideration) and he needs to get his mojo back in time for the next training session.

Hopefully he will have another CB in place by then and if we don't go for a striker in the next week, with Aguero and Jesus' injury records then we may as well kiss goodbye to even challenging for the title. One life down already, probably only got 3 or 4 to play with.

Just on today - Fern puts that header away for 2-0 and it's possibly game over. The warning signs were there from 10 mins before the first pen. We are so easy to play against with that midfield and defense it's untrue. And 3 of the back 4 giving away almost identical penalties is pathetic.


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29 Oct 2008
Avoiding w@nkers
We played poorly,we lacked character and fight and we showed enormous naivety for the penalties - Mendy and Walker aren't good enough IMO.

However.....we were down to bare bones,we are struggling for match fitness and new players are being introduced.The time to judge properly is when we can pick a team from our best 15.

What is clear though is that we need new blood - a striker,a CDM and two full backs minimum.The club have allowed a situation to develop where we haven't replaced our better players with a similar quality.

On a side,i also think the game is fucked......who'd be a defender these days,when all you have to do as a forward is initiate contact in the box? Add that bollocks to VAR,handball incidents and Covid......and the game is a total farce at the minute.

lancs blue

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31 Jul 2007
It's barm so STFU.
TV didn't question the pens but they looked questionable to me.
No Marvin, if a forward isolates a defender in the box and the defender puts both hands on him he's asking for trouble. The third was a bit soft but again Mendy let's his man get between him and the ball, any contact there and the player will go down.


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26 Jul 2010
breaking into heaven.....
Hahaha fucking hell, if you think this City team are going to stop Liverpool then your going to be so
disappointed, we wont catch Arsenal right now get real this isnt great

We have a very very bad defence our LB isn't good enough to play National League never mind put a City shirt on

We cant think if Liverpool lose tomorrow we are back far from it mate

City have had this problem for 12 months & 4 years at LB fucking simple
Yeah 4 years of shit, not winning leagues and no finals.
Stop being a fuckin drama queen


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10 Nov 2019
Team supported
Our central/defensive midfield is crap without Fernandinho.

Its as clear as day that when he's not playing our defence is completely exposed.

Best not buy one though as the money is needed to fund a 34 year old Messi next year...
Soon as Pep pulled Fernandinho,Brenda had a wry smile.

He new our defense was Dog shit and needed fernandinho to cover it, just to do the basics,

Right now It is that shit,we might as well just play with 10 outfield players,and a Fly Keeper

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