Leicester City (H) Post Match Thread


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14 Aug 2011
No Marvin, if a forward isolates a defender in the box and the defender puts both hands on him he's asking for trouble. The third was a bit soft but again Mendy let's his man get between him and the ball, any contact there and the player will go down.

Unfortunately that is accepted as a penalty these days, it's pure cheating.


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21 May 2013
Love him or hate him Rodgers tactics were spot... again.

What tactic? Hope the opposition gives away 3 of the worst penalties I have seen? You can’t seriously praise Leicester for our own implosion. Even a u12 team would have won against that performance today.

Nellies left peg

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3 Dec 2017
No pre-season, numerous players out, third game in a week for several of them. They looked out on their feet. 3 pens from defenders being the wrong side-for me fatigue is a big cause of that. We are v limited at the moment.

It may turn out to be a good thing because its clear we are short of quality-2 poss 3 signings needed.
Getting a bit late now and panic buying at the last minute is pointless. We should have targeted key areas before now, we all know where


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26 Mar 2011
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I don't think we have the players at the moment to play Pep's high line system effectively. I remember the first time we played Barcelona in the chumps league and they genuinely looked like they were playing a completely different sport.
Our centurions team got close to that standard but currently we are nowhere near it.
I do not think Pep will change his ways and play more pragmatically with a less exposed defense.
Pep did this at the beginning of his tenure... played with square pegs in round holes.. admittedly we have injury issues at present but the manager has to play with what he has.. if the players don’t suit a system then don’t f****** play it


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18 Aug 2020
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Man City
If we need someone to gee the players up I’d happily do it if i got free tickets to the game. Stand on the sidelines and call mendy a melt is what i’d be good at

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