Leicester City (H) Post Match Thread


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3 Jan 2019
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I don't mind losing if the team gives everything but that performance today was not a team giving it's all. It is starting to look like one which isn't necessarily prepared to give all for the manager. I think the murmurs that came out of the squad after Lyon are showing the team doesn't rate the tactics.

For a start if Garcia is leaving at the end of the season then we should either sell him or not play him again.bhes not committed it's that simple. I can't understand why we play him now at all.

The penalties were utterly stupid to give away. We moan about VAR but if you make no effort to play the ball and put all your effort in to using your arms to pull people you're going to concede penalties. I saw the stat which showed something like 6 goals in 8 shots or whatever and it's just disgraceful. You won't win any trophy if you play like that.

Strikers are another massive concern. It's an absolute disgrace that Delap has to make his debut as the only 2 strikers we have are injured. We should've brought in a stop gap for a year.

I honestly don't know what to make of that. If I was a neutral I'd be saying the managers lost it and might be facing the sack and the players know it. We have no leaders on the pitch at all. No aggression (Fern apart) and no one like a Kompany, or Yaya who can take big games and boss it. We don't.

The board have to sit down and find out what's happening with the contract. If he's not willing to take on the rebuild then he has to go. He is a legend, but life goes on.

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31 May 2016
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Manchester City
Getting a bit late now and panic buying at the last minute is pointless. We should have targeted key areas before now, we all know where

But do the powers that be know ?

Is there time to rectify the situation before the window closes, probably not seeing the time it takes to get signing over the line.

Scottish Cityzen

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1 Dec 2017
I actually think Pep would be the first to offer his resignation if he thought the downturn was irreversible.

Whether Khaldoon would accept it is another matter.

If we are serious about moving forward and progressing again under Pep, we need to buy from the top shelf again in this remaining window.

Proper XXX Bluey stuff.

One possible benefit from such a shit result? It might just change the mindset of the hierarchy about what signings need to be done over and above Dias.

Will we maybe see the boat pushed out for one other?


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21 May 2013
Yeah 4 years of shit, not winning leagues and no finals.
Stop being a fuckin drama queen
Bollocks we are simply not good enough, drama??? If you think that defence & that useless **** at LB isn't a drama then crack on mate

The manager has folded again today & should take all the shit he will get

£400m spent on a defence & we are still buying defenders, if Pep can't see the LB is a shambles then he can fuck off for me


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15 Jul 2011
Pep Guardiola on the penalty decisions: "We spoke about it, we have to be more calm. Even letting them shoot. We have to avoid the penalties. If you give away three penalties it's difficult.

Pep Guardiola on Ruben Dias: "No, because the club didn't tell me anything. Not yet

Rodri: "I think football is not being very fair with us

No Rodri, you just arent good enough.

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