Leicester City (H) Post Match Thread

Neville Kneville

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26 May 2008
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Walker was one of our better players I thought. Just a terrible game where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I don't think we should make too many sweeping conclusions other than what we figured out last season....we can't defend.

The brain fart wouldn't have happened if Garcia & Rodri had taken part in the game prior to the pass.

If Walker had been asked to play both cb & right back & Garcia been on the side as the Mascot, we would have been a lot closer.

Semper aggressus

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19 Sep 2019
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The most worrying thing is that the team looked beaten as soon as Leicester took the lead, even Pep looked beaten.

3 points is just 3 points but the team didn't look mentally up for it sadly. Can see this happen over and over again like last season.

No leaders in the team. No gobshites to gee everyone up and refuse to lose. No pace or power in midfield.

Hopefully never see Garcia again, he's not a PL centre half. Better suited to strolling around in Spain or Italy with only two or three decent opponents a season. Laporte was on the bench, hopefully he's starting next game.

We desperately need aggression and a winning mentality. Too many soft arses who can only play when the opposition gives up. We need to get some proper arrogant PL standard players in, not soft fuckers who just want to do back heels and sideways passing in the sunshine.

Scottish Cityzen

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1 Dec 2017
Good post, mate. Re: Walker - I know this might sound like blasphemy here but why doesn't Walker try and copy TAA and start popping balls into the area like he does, rather than always trying to take it to the line?

Because he has proven that he can’t put in that quality of ball in (and we don’t usually have someone who is suited to attacking a high ball).

Most of his crosses get recovered at the far touch line!


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23 Nov 2010
A big decision needs to be made on a few players here. Rodri the main one. He is too slow for Ferns replacement. Garcia is going and thank God, Mendy has to go. Stones has to go. We have fucked about with Mendy and Stones for too long. Once Fern went off there was zero protection in front of the back four. What do we need? A left back, a holding midfield player, a creative midfield player, a striker. It looks like we may have a centre half but again not our first choice. We won't get any of the others.

A big season for Pep. We all know he's a top manager but to be honest we aren't adapting to what other teams are doing. They have worked us out and we are clueless to cope with it. Six points off the top already and I don't see us making it up.


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20 Dec 2010
Don’t normally post in here but in disbelief at that shower of shit I’ve just watched.

Ederson - not much he could do today
Some might say he could have saved a shit or 2
Walker - few decent touches, clumsy for the pen
Mendy - finished at this level for a while now, like watching a thoroughbred racehorse come back after going lame
Garcia - heads gone shouldn’t be picked again, ship him off to Barca ASAP
Thought he was decent personally. That said I won't pick him if leaving.
Ake - will be fine, did ok
Ferna - did fine, shame his legs won’t last, needed
him to stay on, but he’s 35 FFS
Did NOT do okay, was the worst player prior to being pulled. Gave multiple balls away trying unnecessary passes, and got beat easily by Mendy for the lead up to the pen. Can't hack it at this level anymore.
Rodri- come good but just not doing what we bought him for
Was okay.

Foden - off the pace today - too many games already

Mahrez - infuriating - fantastic finish but selfish as fuck. Agreed.

KDB - did well but can’t polish a turd of a midfield around him
Sterling - Anonymous today

Delap - Cant complain he’s 17, needs to be used sparingly
Torres - was shocking when he came on but too much good press to see that today was a write off
2 poor performances. Hope he gets better.
There :)


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4 Feb 2010
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Pep Guardiola on the penalty decisions: "We spoke about it, we have to be more calm. Even letting them shoot. We have to avoid the penalties. If you give away three penalties it's difficult.

Pep Guardiola on Ruben Dias: "No, because the club didn't tell me anything. Not yet

Rodri: "I think football is not being very fair with us

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