Lowest league attendance at Maine Road

Have a distant memory of reading about that. Think it was a Stockport game. Can’t remember the ins and outs. Might have been a double header and they counted the crowd twice.
It was a Stockport game vs Leicester. It was played straight after a home United fixture, and an additional 13 customers paid to see the extra match. How many stayed to watch isn't recorded.
3,007 v Mansfield in the Auto Windshield Cup.
I was invited into a box in Platt.Lane and there was 7 of us.
A steward came in half way through the game.to do a head count. When it came.up as 3,007, we laughed, saying that we were the 7
Lost something like 2-1?

Not so many there v Chester in the FA Cup? 10,000 or so. Friday night.
what about the lowest during the 20.5 years at the COMS/Etihad/whatever? i seem to remember an FA Cup game being about 20k

edit: in fact i think there was a league cup game years ago less than 20k, but i dont remember

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