Mauro Icardi

CTID101 said:
Well if as rumoured we sell Dzeko and Tevez then we have Aguero and Guidetti so he would get his fair chance and as I said he starts performing he becomes a starter every week.

Icardi and Jovetic would be perfect signings IMO if Cavani or Falcao is not available. Two technically gifted players that can play across the front line.

We would have to sell both Tevez and Dzeko though I think for him to get game time to develop and play.

I was thinking about this before. Maybe it's my inner football manager coming out, but I'd love for us to take a risk on a player like Icardi or Guidetti. They're both poachers - ruthless in front of goal. So pairing either of them up with either Aguero or Jovetic - two technically gifted forwards who will come deep for the ball could make for a balanced front line. Also, thinking of FFP, if we sell both Tevez and Dzeko and buy Icardi and Jovetic, we probably won't make a loss - we might even make a little profit.

But like I say, it could be a risk to make two inexperienced strikers our main goal scorers. Or it could be a masterstroke. Txiki and Serrano might even encourage this, as with Icardi, Guidetti, Aguero and Jovetic we have a front line sorted for the next 5-10 years in terms of age.
If we did go for Jovetic and Icardi we would have to get more goals from Midfield. If this means new and players or just playing Nasri maybe in a different position. I feel that the goals from midfield would be necessary because we can't rely on just Aguero whilst the others settle.
The idea of going for people like Icardi and Jovetic over Cavani or falcao is interesting. wouldn't cost as much. A lineup of Aguero, Guidetti, Icardi and Jovetic would bring plenty of youth. These are also flexible players.
Kun Aguero said:
Apparently he's agreed to join Inter.

According to corriere Dello sport,inter have agreed a deal for Argentine attacker ruben botta on a free....classed as an EU player as well as he has an Italian passport....not daft this lot..
@DeadlineDayLive: Inter Milan have reportedly agreed a €12.5m deal with Sampdoria for promising youngster Mauro Icardi. (Source: Sky Italia)
saw on twitter that he's supposedly had a gentlemen's agreement with them since december.. o well best of luck to him. Inter are a miserably rotten club that are going no where fast and always sell off any talent they have
Saif1994 said:
Would have been a really good replacement for Tevez... Why Inter???
On the verge of a buyout that will make them richest club in Italy if reports are true. War chest inbound. They will rebuild squad with younger and cheaper players but with an eye on 2-3 tears from now being challengers again. You know it's decent because the Napoli manager left to go there, went from finishing in a CL spot to missing out just to go to Inter who had one of their worst seasons for a long while. Big times ahead hopefully. I'm not a fan of A.C or Juventus since the corruption stuff. Good luck to Inter.

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