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  1. Delphacito


    5 Jan 2016
    The thing is, other than Pep’s Barca that was stocked with La Masia players, there aren’t a lot of youth players that debuted for their home club (top clubs) and become top players. Thomas Muller and Saul came to mind, but players like them are few and far in between. Top players like Pique and Carvajal had to go out first before coming back to their home club. Take a look at Barcelona, Madrid, Juventus, Bayern, Dortmund, PSG, Monaco - home grown ‘Top’ players aren’t that many. It’d be very good for us to have homegrown players in our rotation but I consider having even 1 like Foden for us to be very lucky.
  2. blue b4 the moon

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    25 Feb 2005
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    Silly thing is that if we'd bought Sancho from Dormund rather than brought him through our system he'd probably be more likely to get a first team game.

    Don't know what the answer is but, we need to find one as more & more very good in fact potentiality world class players are going to come through the Academy probably even now too many that need proper game time are ready.
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    19 May 2009
    Patrick Roberts springs to mind when you say that about buying Sancho from Dortmund. I think we're reluctant to play anyone unless they have proved themselves in a top league like De Bruyne (or all the players we've bought and play for the first team). The problem is, teams in the top leagues don't want to play our loan players for the same reason, I think the selling on with a buy back is the only real option because the other club wants to profit if they are taking the risk.
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    25 Aug 2008
    I think the recent realisation from the club that having our academy teams rampaging over all around them isn’t productive in the long term. I think the new plan of pushing youngsters up against older/better players will help considerably. I'm sure I read our Checkatrade team against Bradford were all 19 or under? I also agree with putting the players out on loans into Spain and Holland is a great idea, playing high level competitive games, we could do with striking up partnerships with German and French outfits as well!

    This still doesn’t guarantee a young player will be good enough to get in our side though; they are going to need to be something special to do that at a young age. Kieran Trippier came through our academy, and everyone agrees he did well for England last night, and has been damn good at Spurs, but he is 27, and it’s taken him this long to get that level! He'd never have got the opportunities he's had if he'd stayed at City.
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    The only thing that Worried me about a Pep is what he said about Delph saying he was sorry for not giving him more game time last season especially at fullback position where did struggle. Will this mean he will hold of giving Foden or Diaz starts or game time? Just a thought really about what Pep himself said after Delph playing really Well this season.
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    20 Aug 2016
  7. CityStu


    7 Jan 2011
    We bought Jesus and threw him straight in and same with Ederson to an extent. Selling with a buy back is a better option than loaning IMO as the clubs have an incentive to develop (or at least play) the players.

    I think @twosips is spot on with his promotion analogy in general. I don't blame kids at all for becoming world class U18s at City and then moving onto to a club who'll give them a go in the coming years in their first team. Until we show younger players that there are examples of kids forging a path to the first team, they'll leave.
  8. David Silva ole

    David Silva ole

    16 Jun 2015
    Lewis Fiorini also plays number 10 and has scored 115 goals last couple of seasons at 14s , 15s and 16s level
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    19 Oct 2010
    If Foden doesn’t make it at City I don’t know who will. The issue will be when/if we decide not to sign players and instead promote young players. I can imagine an outcry on here and in the media by the lack of summer activity.
    It’s also about opportunity and making those chances count.
    When Foden/Diaz get a shot at the first team they really need to make it count. I don’t particularly rate Rashford but what he has done is score both for Utd and England in key matches.
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    Used to chat with his dad on fb occasionally, true Blue.

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