Media Discussion - 2023/24

In discussing the Torygraph, the Times today (21-11-23) manages to say City are owned by AbuDhabi and also that we are owned by Mansour all on the same page! Of course, neither is correct.
They are one as a collective state but not royal in any way. Each of the 7 have their royal families.... Who do know each other.

Yep. And they are to some degree related by marriage. But my point was the jokers refer to THE Emirati royal family and, for that matter, also to Mansour as the DPM, when he is also the VP. Can't take them seriously if they get basic stuff wrong.
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It does amaze me that so many fans of other clubs just accept the majority media and rival fan stance, that city are guilty.

How many could actually name the charges we're slapped with? Have they ever asked themselves "what if City are innocent?"

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