Media Thread 2020/21


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5 Sep 2017
is Micah slowly turning into Hinchcliffe, the red rodent player of the year, give your head a wobble, trying too hard to be liked by the masses.
It’s very disappointing. Would it be unfair to say he appears to being ‘spit roasted’ between the written press and sky/bt.
He needs to be given proper advise as pandering to the masses will not improve his credibility.

blue b4 the moon

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25 Feb 2005
Preston won the League and FA Cup double in 1888-89 and they were the only trophies going at the time - so logically a complete success to be fair (and they probably did it on a diet of fags and booze unlike todays namby-pambies)
The FA cup was a strange competition early on...called the Challenge Cup, winners had a bye to the final...a sort of Community Shield thing.

No doubt winning both trophies available shouldn't be scoffed at but only a few teams/games to win the league and cup dosen't really compare to modern day football.

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