Media Thread - 2020/21


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4 Nov 2007
So after all that maybe you can understand why a lot of us are pissed off with Sammy.

what I would say is it’s possible your friendship has clouded your judgement of how we feel, prior to CAS I was neutral but since I’ve considered him a snide tw@t!
and his transfer rumblings aren't so clever either, well the ones on twitter.


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18 Aug 2009
Somewhere in Little Britain.
GDM, I will type it slowly so it is easier to understand. You were having a minor disagreement with Mr Shears, at the end of one of your lengthy posts you said you were quite capable of defending yourself. I merely mentioned that if you did you would probably invoice yourself :-)
I was not implying you do not buy beer, I seem to recall the night I met you, you were the only one buying as @dronefromsector7G and @BlueMoonRisin' had sewn up their pockets before leaving home.
Cheeky owd fooker. I spent over a hundred quid that day musty. You were sozzled, just walking round the horse mumbling nonsense with your fly undone and your pinkie hanging out, ; )


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7 Dec 2013
What does “not really a united fan any more” fucking mean?
Well to be fair, Brennan seems to have a reflex of heavily defending City and talking us up. He defends us like it’s his club, when in reality he was/is a Utd fan.

There’s a book about a Celtic or Rangers fan that buys a season ticket for the other team (can’t remember which way around it was) and he goes every week to watch them as an experiment. After a period of time he starts getting annoyed about refereeing decisions, then he starts cheering goals, then after a few years he totally switches.

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