Micah Richards the pundit


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24 Oct 2012
Like George Best, Rodney Marsh and now virtually all the City team including Ederson i warm to entertainers, Micah is a breathe of fresh blue air in a sea of largely bland scousers, nevilles and Danny chuffing mills. Jenas, Hinchclife, Dan holy Walker, the list goes on .


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15 Apr 2013
if that is so, says a lot about sky's audience and why Nedum is working on ESPN.
Is ESPN supposed to be some kind of mecca of high quality punditry? You still have to sit there and listen to red faced wankers like Steve Nicol.

I was really put off their team when this video surfaced, first and foremost point for them was to shit all over the linesman getting Haaland's autograph when it turns out he was doing it to donate and raise funds for a center for autism in Romania, something he's been doing since 2015.

Is that really the first thing you have to go straight for to discuss? All the while Dan Thomas with some shit eating grin on his face.

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