Mr Mancini. You are a liar.

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by K.Reeves right foot, 11 Nov 2010.

  1. Krieng_Thai OSC

    Krieng_Thai OSC

    29 Feb 2008
    Abu Dhabi
    Our top players need time to tune up, to understand each other. I saw many chances. For example, Silva not passed to Tevez but turns the ball and unexpectedly crosses to Yaya, Nobody in the field, no United defence line can think of this but unfortunately Yaya also not expect the ball and not jump to header the ball.
    Another chance Silva passes to Yaya through tight defensive line and the ball through to Yaya, but he doesn’t realize until ball hit his feet.

    And many chances, Silva no mark man around but no ball pass to him to score.

    Yaya, Tevez and Milner try to play by their own. They need to start to think and know what each other and start to play as a team.

    Last night we cannot play duo striker, because nobody to play with Tevez. Ade cannot play with Tevez because both of them are pure finisher. Duo striker need to pass and create chance to each other. But Tevez and Ade will not pass to each other they tend to finish it by their own. So there is no point to play Duo striker until Balo comes back.

    There is not doubt, aging Unted was there for taking but we need sometime to tune up a bit. We are in inclining curve and they are declining curve. This year, two lines are in the intercept point we are level to United. But from next year we will leave them behind.

    Just wait and see.

    Macini try to say think what each other think and play as a team
  2. GoatersRightShin


    11 May 2009
    GD got it spot on. Not going to be a world beating team over night. Give it time. If this happens again next season I'd be worried but for now take a point, take 5 points clear in top 4, take 2nd place and probably going to advance in Europa Cup, take Kolarov and Balotelli still to join the team and take Mancini as a manager. Let's try and support the team not constantly jump on their backs...
  3. bluethai


    1 Jun 2008
    The fact is that was the first possible full strength team that the Rags ever had for weeks! That showed how much Ferguson rated and scared us, this Rags team has played together for years, they were not there for taking like you said!
  4. piffy on a rock bun

    piffy on a rock bun

    6 May 2009
    Half way up bury new road.
    Rightly or wrongly I felt so much pain last year against the rags I am willing to take a boring draw this year & move on,
    As a previous poster said if we dont finish in the top 4 this season Mancini will be in trouble & if that happens the owners will decide what happens,
    Does calling the manager of the team you love a LIAR really help anything?
  5. Kazzydeyna


    5 Oct 2009
    I've posted on threads like this a few times and always to defend the manager. I am a confirmed "inner" and still am.

    To be fair to the OP though last nights game wasthe first time I've been frustrated with Mancini

    That was possibly the most negative city performance I've ever seen.

    It was like we were scared to death to go at them. Teams never beat united by being frightenedof them.

    We could and should have murdered them last night but we didn't.

    Very much still a. Inner but for the first time ever I'm beginning to wonder.

    Good post OP.
  6. BringBackSwales


    3 Jul 2009

    er you just did?
  7. lust overlord

    lust overlord

    3 Jun 2009
    basking in the glow of my own self importance.
    The op stated he waited a few hours before posting his rant,I suspect most of those hours were composing it.
    We played a united side that have evolved a system and style of play for about two decades,yet we are supposed to surpass them in less than two seasons?some of our fans expect too much too soon.
  8. Skibum


    25 Aug 2008
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but the OP is as someone has already rightly said, a drama Queen of the highest order.

    We got a point. We got a clean sheet . We restricted a well drilled team to virtually zero clear cut chances. We are Fourth.

    Mancini is still yet to field his first choice fully fit 11.
    Boateng isn't match fit. Kolarov won't be match fit for 6 games and Balotelli has just got fit and is now suspended . Let's judge Mancini a little more at the end of this year.

    I went to the WBA game and that 1st half was how we will be playing in the future. Our movement was fantastic. Oh also remember last night Tev was only partially fit.

    Keep the Faith blues.
  9. Failsworth_Blue


    24 Jul 2008
    You do realise that going into last nights game United were unbeaten in 24 leauge games in all competitions.?Some people believe they were there for the taking based on their performances this season but if we're being honest how close have they come to losing games this season? They are extremely hard to beat, well drilled and still have some excellent players. In Evra, Vidic and Ferdinand they have 3 of the best defenders in the leauge, it's never going to be easy to break them down when they themselves aren't willing to commit many men forward

    We couldn't really afford to lose last nights game as United would have opened a 6 point gap on us, but a draw keeps us within one win of catching them. We're doing just fine at the moment, 4th in the leauge after playing United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham in our first 12 games, only 2 points behind Arsenal and 3 behind United with a home game on Saturday while they both have tough away games

    Last night wasn't great in terms of attacking play (from either side if were honest) because both teams didn't want to lose, at this stage of the season in a game like that i don't think theres much wrong with that
  10. Mike N

    Mike N

    26 May 2004
    I was less than excited when you joined us but he is our manager and I have done nothing but support him every since.

    I really want him to acheive at city because it will mean we have acheived.

    This game, however, has really gutted me. This is not football. This is not what I want to see. I'm already thinking I might not bother against Brum because it could well be more of the same.

    I must say that there are many points I agree with from the O.P. but we must see the season out with him at least. God I hope it gets better.

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