My new dog


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27 Mar 2011
So this little beauty arrived yesterday Coco, absolutely over the moon with her and my daughter was gobsmacked.View attachment 21990

Make the most of the next 9 months or so, they grow up really fast. My Cocker Spaniel is 4 now and he's still lovely and adorable but there's something about that sense of daily excitement and curiosity with the world when they're puppies that's different.


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24 Aug 2015
Thought I'd join the party. This is Bohdi. My 6 year old Jack Russell. Had him since he was a puppy.
The missus and kids wanted a dog. I didnt want a dog. So we struck a happy medium...and got a dog.
Weird, cos ever since we've had him, he's bonded with me the most and I couldn't imagine my life or house without him now. Screenshot_20210729-141459_Instagram.jpg

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