Neil Warnock retires


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11 Apr 2018
He's not everyone's cup of tea and back in the day I myself had a formed opinion of him.

However I bought his autobiography at WH Smith at Manchester Airport a good 10 years ago and read it on holiday..

It changed my opinion on him some what and I found myself warming to him a bit..

Take the football away from him and fwiw he's a good man in my opinion..!

I'd recommend his book..
If folk read the book they may warm to the man a bit .......... I mean some folk come across as wankers but sometimes there are things in there childhood that may lead to it .............far worse people out there in my opinion

Psychedelic Casual

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1 Sep 2016
Great Britain, Greater Manchester
I like him. I think he’s funny!

He acts like he does to wind people up on purpose, and the ones who get wound up by him just fall for what he wants you to fall for.

His comment about Scousers is one of the greatest moments in television history!

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