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28 Oct 2013
To the Finglands Station
Two or three years after first watching it, and taking advantage of second lockdown to watch the whole of Narcos again (although I'll give the Mexico one a miss, it definitely wasn't up to the standard of the first three). It stands up, I think. With distance from it all, I can understand that some Colombians were annoyed about the way Escobar was portrayed, especially in the last two or three episodes of the second series. He is portrayed with pathos, even down to 'weepy' background music when he's in hiding talking to his wife. Yes, the man loved his wife and children. Who doesn't? Hitler loved dogs and Eva Braun. Escobar was responsible for absolute monstrosities, and I'm pretty sure they don't show the half of what they could show you, because there are some things that you just can't watch.
Often thought of going to Colombia, because the country does look stunning (as do the women!). And several people, Latinos and Europeans, have told me that they're lovely people. They must be sick of the image that the world has of their country.

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