Newcastle United Thread - 2021/22


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3 Mar 2009
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I think this is fucking great. Couldn't care less who it is, but another club with limitless funds (FFP aside) is great for the league. We aren't going anywhere and it will further disrupt the traditional arrogant wanker clubs like united, arsenal, Liverpool (they won't sustain their current run. The owners aren't invested enough and the bubble will burst), spurs, etc.

Sure, Newcastle will likely become a rival and the animosity may reach Liverpool levels, but I'd rather a 7-8 way fight for the league than 2-3 and it'll knock a big player or two out of the champions League if they get their shit together.

Plus, it's likely to take some of the scrutiny away from us. I'm actually quite looking forward to seeing who they buy initially to mirror our initial buys of robinho, bridge, de Jong, given, Bellamy, and then the summer incomings of Barry (most underrated one), tevez, Santa Cruz (lol), adebayor, etc.
I'm looking forward to Martial scoring the winner against the rags then running the length of the pitch to knee slide 5000 ft below the scum in the top tier of the Leazes End


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8 Jul 2007
No problem, in Newcastle's case they are starting behind where we were when our takeover came to fruition but I would imagine they will copy our business model and I believe they will quickly rise up the table and be a serious threat within 5 years.

I personally welcome their takeover, they are a great club who deserve far more, their new owners will also take away a lot of our bad publicity and hate and at the same time further dilute the power of the "elite" clubs.

Finally it will also keep our owners/share holders completely motivated and take away any chance of complacency, if it was ever needed and again this is good news for us.
Why do they deserve more?

Bonzo Nododo

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19 Sep 2021
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The Only Football to come from Manchester or anywhere
The Red shirted big bully boys are not as big as they think they are. Not a player has been signed, not a ball kicked under the new regime and the cowards are coming home from school, crying to their mums that it's not fair because someone else has more pocket money to buy Pannini cards.
Get up, wipe your eyes you mard arsed gets and fight for your position. You've always had financial advantages since the late 50s.

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