Next Manager after Pep

I didn’t say he’s a poor manager. Is he of the calibre required to replace Pep though ? Certainly not imo.

However having had the rub of the green allied to a new manager bounce, enabling him to rack up a string of victories, the kneejerk reaction mob were extolling his virtues due to ……. recency bias.

Those of us who didn’t think he was good enough for City before he joined Spurs based that opinion on his whole body of work and so a couple of defeats in his last two matches are as irrelevant to our stance as were a handful of wins prior to that.

If he guides Spurs to a top 4 finish maybe that will change perceptions a little but that’s a big if.
I'm sure you said he was to old to take over from Pep, a guy that hasn't made it by 57yo is never going to be a good manager, I think that was the point 'some' people were arguing about, I have never said he was good or not good enough for City but he does get teams playing.

As for this explanation of recency bias, why then have you popped back up with a shite arse comment aimed at other people after he lost his first two games in the PL, there is no other reason other than you think it proved your original shite point from a few weeks ago, so not as irrelevant as you are trying to say really or you wouldn't be back in the thread 'crowing' like I said earlier my original post is still valid.

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