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urban genie

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11 May 2008
One man went to mow
Went to mow the chelsea
One man and his baseball bat
Went to mow the chelsea
Two men went to.......

And so on.

Sheep, sheep, sheeep shaggers
Sheep, sheep, sheeep shaggers.

Dig up matt busby
Dig up matt busby tonight
Stamp on matt busby
Stamp on matt busby tonight

On so on
(Thankfully most realise Busby was a city captain and this song died)

If you're standing on the corner
With a red scarf round your neck
City boys will come and get ya
And they'll break your fuck neck.
Na na na na na na na na na na na
City! City! City!

If you go into the wood tonight
You're sure of a big suprise
If you go into the wood tonight
You'll never believe your eyes
Cause jeremy the sugar puff bear
Has put on his docks and cropped his
And now he's a kippax boot boy

Words as sketchy on last one but remember it vaguely as like that
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Silva Citizen

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29 Nov 2013
In the Liverpool Slums they look in the dustbin for something to eat, they find a dead cat, they Think it’s a treat,

“he’s only a poor little scouser, his face is all tattered and torn, he made me feel sick, so I hit him with a brick, and now he ain’t singing no more”

“can you run”

“(We got the) best team in the land”

“blue Wembley”

John Bond we love you

Actually to be honest there’s no atmosphere nowadays, Football, like the rest of society has been sanitised, and although I know theyounger generation probably won’t understand / agree - as my mum used to say “a bit of dirt never did anyone any harm”


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17 Dec 2013
We are the team
Were the best team in the land
Playing together
Were always in command
We may lose a game or two
But we never do despair
Coz you can't beat the boys in the old sky blue
Coz we come from Manchester !!

This could be brought back no problem.

Stiff Little Wingers

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25 Aug 2010
Not an old song I know,but could somebody put the words to "The Bernardo Song" onto this thread.
I have never been able to pick up the words when it is sung at The Etihad,as I sit next to The Family Stand .
Am I correct that the words are sung to singAbba's Voulez Vous??
It is to the tune of Voulez Vous
Running down the wing
Makes the blue boys sing
We’re the Pride of Manchester

Big Swifty

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8 Nov 2011
To the tune of "Tom Hark", by the Piranhas:

United sing
I don't know why
'Cos after the match
You're gonna die

(Other teams' names can be inserted as appropriate)

Big Swifty

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8 Nov 2011
When we played Burnley/Villa

Chim-chiminy=chim-chiminy chim-chim--cheroo
We hate those bastards in claret and blue

(From "Mary Poppins", sung in a comical accent by Dick van Dyke)
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7 Nov 2005
Tip toe through the Kippax
With a razor and a sawn off shotgun
Tip toe through the Kippax with me

if I die in the Kippax Street no no
If I die in the Kippax Street no no
If I die in the Kippax Street
There’ll be TEN RED BASTARDS at my feet oh oh oh
Thought it was ‘with a pick axe and a sawn off shot gun’


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13 Apr 2014
To the tune of Lily the Pink:

We’ll drink a drink a drink
To Colin the king the king the king
He’s the leader of our city
He’s the greatest inside forward
That the wooooorld has ever seen

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