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I was 8 when City played Newcastle in the 1955 cup final The whole family was packed into my Auntie Ada's front room to watch the match as she had just got a TV Never forget Bobby Johnstone's diving header equaliser and we were down to 10 men for most of the game As the teams went off the commentator said you can still hear the City fans cheering From that day I was hooked Made my first visit to Maine Road that next season Stood on the scoreboard end Loved the atmosphere and all the songs and chants "we are supprters of the City Les Mcdowell is our king...................forgot all the words now but the end two lines were Bobby Johnstone inside right and Revie is the crasher for the boys in blue and white" The bloke who led the chants was a real scruff has what looked like a demob suit on and his glasses held together with what looked like elastoplast he would start "2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate" and we would all bellow at the top of our voices C-I-T-Y CITY
Priceless memories Hardly missed a match during the Mercer era Saw all the finals 3 matches stand out for me beating the rags after we gave them a goal start at the swamp and the two before the title clinching match we had Everton at home Monday night won2-0 and as we came out news came through the rags had lost 6-3 at West Brom we danced up Claremont Road The next Saturday we went to Spurs where we won 3-1 and I knew the title was ours
Met some Sunderland fans on the way to Newcastle on who wished us well and said they would beat the rags as they duly did If only it could be like that most of the time but being City we have had our fair share of disappointments but wouldn't swap any of it
Keep the faith
Cracking post Alex it brought back some memoreis as I was also 8 at the time of 1955 cup final.
My dad went to Wembley and I will always remember him coming home late night still with tears in his eyes and wearing his big City rosette and carrying a large blue and white rattle.
He went again the following and returned minus his hat. Most blokes wore caps or trilbys back then and everyone through them in the air at the final whistle.
I started going to Maine Rd with my dad in 1956, in the "posh" Platt Lane end.
The season before Mercer came I started going to away games when the entire away contingent went on one coach and yes I was one of the Swindon 8000.
I went to all home games during the Mercer era mainly right behind the goals in the scoreboard end and many aways. If you wanted to go to on the coach to an away games you gave your name to a guy with a book who sttod behind the goals, the coach was know as Paddy's coach, Paddy being the driver.
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My first match was in 1961 - and I have been a supporter ever since - a long time - and I have never regretted a day of it - oh yes, and been to Wembley twice - just wish that my children and grandchildren will get to Wembley too - one day - it will happen.
I think the poster named 'Spogga' , or 'Sprogga' .. is probably Bluemoons oldest poster ....... he's that old he's got cobwebs hanging from his nostrils!

Come to think of it though he hasn't posted for about two months now , i do hope the old boy is okay ...... he's probably sat in his armchair right now , supping his cocoa with his slippers on , and trying to remember the names of all our goalscorers at Burnley!

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Saw my first game in 67 versus Burnley and we won 4-2. The spell was cast from that moment! My finest hour as a City fan, even to this day, was at the age of 12 going to see the 69 cup final. Me and my dad only had one ticket between us and we arrived at Wembley before 10 a.m. desperately hoping to get another. I will always remember my dad finally securing a 2nd ticket for the princely sum of £5, Neil Young's screamer and sitting on my poor dad's shoulders for much of the game. Also, went into town the next day to see us bring the trophy home. I still celebrate the 26 April with each passing year as much, if not more than my own birthday. Ah, the memories .............
i was 15 in 1956 when we played birmingham in the trautman final my dad could only get one ticket so guess who went it wasnt me i had to stay at home and watch it on a mates telly,but what the heck he taught me to support the best team in manchester,now my two sons daughter-in-law and grandchildren all support them because of him
Just reading through this thread, you must be up there now..?
I mean as the oldest, not literally up there.. as in you know..!
83 is it..?
dollyblue seen the 55 final.

I came very close to not going to the 1955 Cup Final, City vs Newcastle United due to the Illness of my uncle, just two weeks before the game, but he insisted that I should go, I asked him what about your Ticket? shall I sell it for you? You will not sell it he said!! but give it to someone at the ground, the conditions were, that he or she must be City and about my age, and they must be standing close to the Stadium, that means they would have been there the longest, and when you give them the ticket, look them in the eye and say it's FREE!! Well I did find this young man,I give him the ticket, his eyes filled with tears, so did mine, I asked him where he lived? he said Audenshaw, and my uncle lived in Audenshaw, How Spooky is that? and my Uncle passed away just a couple of weeks after the Final.
Only just read this post.
A great story.From a different era.
Yes, 1964..I was in the corner in between the (uncovered) Scoreboard end and the Kippax.

Bert came over the tannoy at the end, and thanked the City fans for the kindness shown towards him.

A mint programme was sold on Ebay about a month ago for around a fiver......
I think the programme had a green cover to reflect the colour of the traditional green jumper worn by goalies in those days. Seem to remember David Wagstaffe having a decent game.
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Anyone else go to Trautmann's testimonial? One of my first games that was.
Someone on here sent me the programme from that game to get it signed by Bert when I got him to sign his autobiography for me at Waterstones a few years back. I have to say that his hands were fucking huge and enveloped mine - and what a gent. He's the reason my whole family became blues when they came here from Ireland in the '50s, right down to my daughter today. God bless him.

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