Paris Saint-Germain (H) - CL SF | Post-Match Thread


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27 Mar 2011
With every passing year I'm starting to think that had many of his players not played under Graham before he arrived then they wouldn't have done anywhere near as well.

Yep, the same way Pellegrini piggybacked off Mancini's defensive organisation and then lost it after the first season.

I also think he obviously made big changes in professionalising the sport, but once everyone else stopped drinking 6 packs of lager on the bus home or the changing room after each game, they caught up and overtook his sides very quickly.

I bet Wenger's getting twitchy about his one last claim to fame, the invincibles, with this defence and a striker like Haaland coming in it might not be around for long.


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6 Oct 2018
Jug ears had to dig deep on the £1B spent. Does anyone else wish that Lescott or Hart responded with words like.... I don’t think that PSG have been light in the player spend, or Chavs with their £1B loan from their owner or Madrid who have been found guilty of state funding and are essentially bankrupt. And some teams who have spent heavily like the scum and Barcelona failed even to reach the semi finals. It’s not all about money. City are the best coached team with a great system and player bond.

wishful thinking I know but why give big ears a free hit?

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