Paris Saint-Germain (H) - CL SF | Post-Match Thread

blue oli

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3 Jul 2015
Honestly never thought I’d never see City in a champions league final just always thought we were cursed when it came to Europe absolutely buzzing tonight,I can’t see me sleeping I’m that made up,my two sons are buzzing as well unfortunately one had to work tonight the other was with me watching it ...

At one point I was worried I would never see them in the premiership again never mind this - wow, just wow


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15 Apr 2010
One of my favourite bits of the match was Jim Beglin describing Di Maria's sending off as being due to his "Latino temperament" and then realising he's on American TV and having to apologize on air.

Thankfully the Latino temperament of Dias, Fernandinho and Ederson made them the coolest men on the pitch. Zinchenko needs to be careful about his Ukrainian temperament though. Almost got him into trouble.
Haha, that’s the end of Jim!


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7 Nov 2010
I'd rather play them tbh, we beat them home and away last season. I'm not scared of Chelsea but two teams from the same league, can cancel each other out, and be very nervy in a European final. Think Pep would love to stuff Madrid as well.
The team Chelsea faced a few week ago was nothing like the team they’ll face should they get to the final

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