Pedro Neto

Very injury prone and going through a purple patch. Had 2 awful seasons and not very prolific.

We still need a Rodri backup, a RB and a midfielder that can score - not sure he’s what we need for what he’ll cost.
Good player but the reason he's still at wolves is because he's very injury prone

If he hadn't spent the last two years on the sick and playing like he can, he would probably be gone already.

Clubs will be apprehensive about paying big money for him because of this.
I’ve occasionally get information, although the gratitude of a load of random people on the internet, is not worth the abuse you get if it does not prove correct.

I had info on Laporte both times, Dani Alves (which never happened), Sanchez etc. I don’t get much but a little, it’s second hand information, third by the time I pass it on to you.

The information is reliable, but players/ agents play clubs off against each other all the time. Players also change their mind and believe it or not City cannot just click their fingers and a player comes.

Tolmie information (and I don’t know and I don’t know his source) is what it is and we are lucky to have it (but he cannot see the future and highly doubt the info is coming from the players side) and his understanding is probably the same at the clubs.

It seems a bit ridiculous to have a go at him for no reason, if you think the info is no good, well it’s a forum 99% of the info is no good.
Seems like a good move
We need a wide left player to keep Phil in centre next season and have a few Portuguese lads already
Arsenal can only offer him back up to saka and Liverpool don’t have a manager yet
Now is the time to move and get these deals boxed off
As some have mentioned injury prone but I like his directness his first thought is go forward and he’s tricky and nippy as fuck,lad is only 19 with loads of potential,be interesting to see where he goes as next season I don’t think he’ll be at wolves..
The club throws several curve balls to the media for good reason.
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