Pep Guardiola - 2023/24

Pep is a genius plain and simple. Many people say that, but half the time they don't know why. I've been studying Pep for years and on occasion I lose the plot regarding what a great manager this man is as well. There is simply no one better at playing the long game which is what makes his sides virtually unbeatable in league play in terms of titles, 12 in 15 years as a manager. Anything can happen in cup play and thus the tough losses at times, but even then, his record is remarkable. His patience when plotting the course over 38 games is matched only by his cunning nature. He decides what to show, to whom, and when as far as tactics and formations go. He has no problem trusting his side to graft through back to back 1 nil wins as opposed to playing a particular card earlier than he'd like. Today was about sending a message, a type of intimidation tactic he's used many times in the past and Luton just happened to be the victim of bad timing for them. I'm sure in watching the Brentford and Bournemouth games Luton figured on pressing high up the pitch, forcing us to spend time playing out of the back and disrupting our slower paced build up game. WRONG. Pep dropped a longer ball, faster paced, players interchanging bomb right on them. BAM, now what? Why today? Again, part message, part dress rehearsal. What can Man Ure be thinking now other than they are about to get wrecked? Could Liverpool and Arsenal now be more concerned about our form than feeling giddy about their own? Anyone, and that includes me occasionally, who doesn't think Pep is relishing the chance at another trophy haul while knowing exactly how he plans on going about it is greatly mistaken, simple as!!
They don't much decent coverage on here for a lot of their misdemeanours but the Pep documentary on I-Player is a good watch.

Funny re-watching him from his earlier years at Barca - unbelievable impact he has had on the game..............
Love him but he set us up way too open in the first half. Doku was never a starter for me. Kova or Akanji for me.

I’m still not sure why he uses foden out wide. Second foden dominated it when he came inside.

Still he turned it around in 2nd half & glad he took doku off as he was a liability

Not sure why he doesn’t play a supporting payer with rodders & Phil in the middle

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