Pep Guardiola - 2023/24

I am consistently surprised that referees turn a blind-eye to the constant holding of our players when corners are taken. If you have your arms around a player to stop them moving, it is surely a foul and, therefore, a penalty, yet they are rarely, if ever, given.
Not just us, there are very few penalties given for holding from set pieces in general, some of it absolutely blatant
Always wondered what would happen if all the players line up out side the penalty area no one around the goalie? Would the team defending still be around the pen area protecting the goalie or would they be all marking the players outside the box? If so it means you'll get a run up to head or shoot at goal when the corner comes in!

Feel no one ever has rethought or think out the box when it comes to corners..
It depends if they are marking man to man or zonally.
whats leading up to the question "whats wrong being a journo"? wonder what was said before that but clips dont show it. guess it was a question to something said before
Kovacic out as only support for Rodri was a poor move. They created so much after this substitution. Don’t get this system leaving Rodri exposed.
Something was different yesterday than our normal plan of action.
From the kick off we seemed to play about 20yds deeper and drawing Bournemouth away from the 2 lines of defense, almost giving them the confidence to have a go and left more space for us.
I remember thinking "at least they are having a go unlike everyone else", looking back perhaps Pep was testing a future development of our play.
I thought we played great in the first half and another goal would have put it to bed.
Second half as we tired we got a bit out of shape but all ended up okay.
I hope Pep is reinventing - takes time - as even he must be getting fed up of 21 players in the final 3rd and the "getting boring" calls.
Pep love's reinventing the wheel so think we will see bit's of new and bit's of old and as he knows far more than most it will be okay in the end.

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