PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

The point about coercion is key here. It was clear from the UEFA charges that certain clubs were stirring the pot. You could see the relationships at work in how leaks were disseminated to favoured journalists and how the mainstream media was used. Pep’s comments about Levy and others at his Presser and Khaldoon’s earlier comments make it clear we know there has been “interference”.
When these shady, secretive, “off the record” discussions take place, the usual safeguards of process and advisory checks are often by-passed. “Principals” agree a course of action between them without appreciating the full breadth of consequences that may follow. You can imagine Masters being persuaded to run with the charges on the basis that it’s then passed over to the panel who will then have to sort it out. Job done - because in the meantime City’s reputation can be trashed and the PL is shown to be policing the game. I suspect they’d not fully appreciated the magnitude of the charges and have made a really big mistake. Time will tell but I think nothing will be the same again. All conjecture of course but hard to think of another explanation.
I agree totally with this. Many big corporate decisons are made in corridors and offices away from the boardroom. Lots of big legal battles are often settled with private conversations in hotels away from the lawyers. I have absolutely no doubt that club Directors (we know who they are) have exerted influence (perhaps coercion) on Richard Masters. He is out of his depth and was like a rabbit in the headlights at the Commons Select Committee. He is not a lawyer or a financial expert. Don't forget at least three people (perhaps four) either walked away or turned down the PL job because they could see what was coming.
Just a couple of points:
Breaking FFP rules does not necessarily constitute fraudulent accounting.
If they took a negative view on Etisalat and Image rights I believe this could exceed Everton's £20M breach for which they received a ten point deduction.
Don't forget. It isn't the quantum of the adjustments they make that determines the FFP non-compliance, it's those adjustments pushing losses over 105 million. As far as I remember, City were well within that limit for 2014/15 through to the end of the PL investigation. I don't thnk adjustments for image rights will push us over the FFP "edge", as it were. The 30 million of Etisalat was for two years 1012 and 2013, before FFP as was Mancini as we know.

I am not sure what the transition rules were in 2014/15, the first FFP year, but we were well over the limit that year anyway, so there must have been some allowances as there were with UEFA, I guess.

One of the charges against us for 2009/10 is for rule C.80, shown below. Do you know if this is an actual charge, or is it one of the original hastily formulated charges that were subsequently corrected, albeit this one still remains an active charge?

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